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Feb 10, 2013 9:30am EST
that are taking place. pentagon, -- although h pagers away and youaken all note laid off as soldie the pentagon just onlnly beit would increasing pay b% for all is low.whh >> inhe shohort term you can do but deferred aining, so out on do not go maneuvers. the not have a big effect. replaci things th break or wear out. gon for six it year, it really startss to bite. say we will see theffects in terms of of government sectors. n> i tend to agrewith peter this, and yet, you hear others say, if you decrease flying hours,ou would have an impact on readiness. you think they could ke thisit andtill be a military reready y to roll? >> these sps are taken in anticipation tt sequestration willll happen. the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff said yesterday that we sequestraonit, if not hapn. oes happ, very to ro that back. they will have difficulties with training, that sort of thihing. >> i want to talk about domestic programs. we he not been h hearing about nowdomestic programs, and why, thanks to your reporng. up all over the world. you reported there wasas a gag order on all domestic agencies ande
Feb 24, 2013 9:30am EST
, there is a concernhe pentagon w will escape and a domestic agencies will be the ones who end bearing thburden. if there were to be some fix thpentagon wouould get fixed first. i think that is why we are hearing some of that left sang this is not the worst thing in the world of all goes into effect. of course, it is not as that -- i know paul krugman in "the new york times" wrote today that it is not as bad as the fiscal cliff would have been or thee governor shot back -- government shut dow >> b brian we are seeill kinds of estimates. most agree that while there will set up -- certnly the impact if sequestration goes into effect the engaging anywhere - gdp has grown to 0 0.6% in the coming year. they are sing it will probably grow in the range m more of 2.1%. not castrophic, but certainly in our region it wilbe felt. ta a about the housing industry. how are things going right now and the washingt region? >> the thing is, the d.c. market kind of an anomaly. you have a a very y defined geographicrea. a huge mber of high-iome earners. if you look at the top income areas, it is aays in the top d.
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2